A  Congregation in the Atlantic Presbytery
of the

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The History of the Broomall, Pennsylvania Congregation
of the
Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America


Michael G. Lydon

A paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for licensure to preach April 2nd, 1999

Submitted to the Atlantic Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America

Table of Contents

C h a p t e r 1:          Scotch-Irish ancestry of Broomall covenanters

C h a p t e r 2:          Early reformed presbyterians in the colonies

C h a p t e r 3:          the second reformed presbytery in america

C h a p t e r 4:          Controversies of the Pre-civil War era

C h a p t e r 5:          Post-Civil War to the Turn of the Century

C h a p t e r 6:          The Second century Until the Reunion of First and Second Churches

C h a p t e r 7:          The United Covenanter Church

C h a p t e r 8:          Serving the King of Kings: The Next Century


P r e f a c e

Although this paper is primarily intended to fulfill Presbytery requirements for licensure, there is a secondary reason, which explains the length of the paper. It is also hoped that the members of the Broomall congregation will one day be edified by its contents as well. Therefore, if the reader is familiar with the events of the Reformation in Scotland and Ireland during the 16th and 17th centuries, then you might consider beginning at chapter two. If one is more concerned with beginning at the reorganization of the Reformed Presbytery after the American Revolution, you might begin at chapter three. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the longevity of the First Reformed Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia – in her present existence as the Broomall Reformed Presbyterian Church.